The White Music Player is a portable music player that given to Ashley Mizuki Robbins from her father, Richard Robbins. It was given out to JC Valley staff at the anniversary of their founding, and bares the JC Valley logo. This logo triggers Ashley's second flashback of her mother, Sayoko, as Ashley had seen it before the wall of JC Valley.

The music player can be used by the player to listen to the game's OST, selecting it on the items menu, then selecting "listen". More tracks are unlocked, as the player encounters them across the game.

In order to use the music player, the player must first find a battery to use in it. After receiving the player, looking at the back of it on the item examine screen prompts Ashley to take the back off and notice that her father forgot to put in a battery. There is a battery that the player can put into the player on the nearby picnic table. Additionally, the player is given further chances of locating batteries later in the game, once this battery no longer becomes available.