Using the TAS to bypass a card-lock.

True Another System, abbreviated to TAS, is a device created by Sayoko Robbins. It is revealed that it's purpose was to act as the a safety precaution for Another, in case the device or it's capabilities were to ever fall into the hands of someone who wanted to use it for self-fulfilling or evil intent.

The TAS has a module, which can be attached to the TAS.

Function Edit

The TAS is made to precisely mimic the Wii Remote (or "Wiimote"), which the player is using to play the game (in much the same fashion as how the DAS was made to mimic the Nintendo DS) The TAS's primary function through most of the game is it's ability to unlock the various card locks around Lake Juliet. To do this, the player must use the Wii Remote to complete a sequence of numbers, letters, and symbols, that will unlock the card reader.

This utilizes the unique buttons and capabilities of the Wii Remote. For example, the player may be required to use the number ("1" & "2") and symbol ("+" & "-") buttons to form sums, or use the controller's motion sensing capabilities.

The TAS attachment module is made to vaguely resemble a numchuck attachment. At the point in the game where Ashley attaches the module, the player simulates this by attaching their numchuck to their Wii Remote, then removing it again once the TAS has finished updating (this is the only point in the game that the numchuck is required).