Tony Wolf


Tony Wolf LW
Artwork of Tony in Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
Sex Male
Home Cape West Apartments
Job Musician (formerly)
Tony Wolf, known in Japan as Steve Wolf (スティーブ・ウルフ), is a character in Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. A tenant of the Cape West Apartments, Tony lives in Apartment 201 across from Kyle Hyde. He is a once successful musician. His career started to decline when he assaulted his manager who used the money earned from a gig of Tony's for his own deeds. Not much later, he also assaulted someone at a gig because Tony saw the person as a threat for a fan.

Tony considers Kyle a good friend, though initially in the game Kyle seems to think differently. As he is flat broke, Tony tries to borrow money from Kyle for dubious reasons from time to time.

The character is performed by Australian rock and metal singer Ninezero.[1]


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