Thomas Edward was Daniel's father and the husband of Jane White. He fought in World War II, and returned only to be part of a series of unfortunate events. With his wife dying soon after his arrival, he raised his son alone. Thomas was killed by his brother, Henry, on Blood Edward Island, as a result of a fight over the family's wealth. Daniel also fell victim of this fight.

Thomas was an aspiring writer, and wrote several short stories and one autobiographical novel about his experiences during the war. However, critics were not too kind to him, and most of his work is out of print. He apparently wrote mystery novels under the pen name 'David Shields'.

His son suffered from a heart condition, and Thomas struggled to pay for Daniel's medical bills - motivating his desire to claim his grandfather's inheritance.

Henry's wife, Marie Edward, was most likely the one to arrange the gravestones for both Thomas, Herny, and the monument for Daniel. Thomas's niece Franny most likely inherited the island, and possibly Bill inherited it from her.