Takashi Kagetani


Takashi Kagetani GR
Sex Male
Home Japan
Job Tonichi Times Reporter

Takashi Kagetani (影谷貴史 Kagetani Takashi) is the protagonist of Glass Rose. He is a reporter working for the Tonichi Times. After reading Takashi's article on unsolved serial killer cases, his friend Emi Katagiri tells him that she recognised a similar case from her grandfather Kotarou Katigiri's notebook, which is known as the "Cinema Mansion Serial Murder." In order to search for clues on the case, the two enter the old mansion of the Yoshinodou family. However, in the mansion they get pulled back more than seventy years in time. Solving the murder case in a race against is the only way for Takashi and Emi to return to their own time.

The character is modeled after Masahiro Matsuoka, a Japanese actor and drummer of the band Tokio. Takashi's English voice is provided by Eric Kelso.


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