Takako Yoshinodou


Age 20
Birthdate 1909
Sex Female
Home Japan
Job Actress

Takako Yoshinodou is the second eldest in the family and Kazuya's twin sister, albeit without her knowledge. Following in her mother's steps, she also became an actress, and her fiancé, Kiyohiko Yoshikawa, was helping her career as a director. She is the second person to be murdered, her body found by Takashi Kagetani.


Takako was the lead in the film, "End of the World". She was also due to be the lead in the remake of "Dolls".

When Denemon announced he would marry a third time to Ayako, Takako was distraught, proclaiming, "If you marry Ayako, Father, you're just going to die like my mother did..."