Sayoko Robbins


AnotherCodeR Sayoko
Artwork of Sayoko in Another Code: R
Age 28 (Deceased)
Sex Female
Home Japan (formerly)
United States
Job Scientist (formerly)
Sayoko Robbins (サヨコ・ロビンズ) , née Kitazato (キタザト), is Ashley's mother and Richard's wife. She was an aspiring scientist who worked on Another. Sayoko died when Ashley was only three years old. She was killed by Bill Edward in the year of 1994.


Sayoko was born and raised in Japan with her family and becomes a scientist possibly before she moved to America and then worked at MC Labs. She meets Richard while Bill and her were working together, over time she fell in love with Richard. She hang around with him more and more. They eventually turned into a couple and got married. After that, she got pregnant and gave birth to Ashley. She took care of her and quit being a scientist and became a stay-at-home mother. Until the night of Ashley's third birthday. Bill shot Sayoko at her home for spending more time with Richard and leaves without getting caught. Richard came in and found her laying on the floor with blood on her chest. He picks her up and she said "He came... Another" before passing on, implying someone else was there. Richard eventually finds out that Bill murdered Sayoko when he and Ashley were in the mine talking with him.



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