Rex Foster


Age 30s/40s
Sex Male
Home United States
Job Fraud investigator
Rex Foster is a character that features in Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. He worked as a fraud investigator, and it appeared that he was to keep tabs on Kyle Hyde until he later revealed that his target was in fact Marie Rivet of Room 206, after she claimed insurance money following her husband's death. It is implied that Foster had been tracking Marie for quite a long time, as a photo of Marie at her late brother Mike Porter's funeral showed a younger Rex lurking in the background. The insurance companies were suspicious of Marie as both her brother and husband had died in similar car accidents, but what they didn't know was that they had worked for Nile, who orchestrated their deaths once their purposes had been fulfilled. Rex's last appearance in the game was just after Kyle, Marie and Rex were talking on the roof, as the insurance company dropped the investigation, but Foster wanted to know the truth about Marie for himself.
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