For Brian Bradley's murdered sister, see Mila (Bradley's sister).
Mila Evans


Mila Evans HD
Artwork of Mila in Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Age 20
Sex Female
Home Hotel Dusk, Los Angeles (lived there for one day)
Seattle, Washington
Job Art Student (Last Window)

Mila Evans (ミラ・エバンズ) is a recurring character in the Kyle Hyde Saga. She is the daughter of late Robert and Mary Evans. Mila fell into coma for ten years after she was attacked by an agent of Nile, a crime syndicate her father had ties to. When she awoke, her father had disappeared. In Hotel Dusk: Room 215 she comes to Hotel Dusk on her search for him, where she meets Kyle Hyde who solves the mysteries behind her father and his activities. In Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, it is revealed that she is attending a fine arts school in Seattle. She has befriended Kyle.


Mila's mother, Mary Evans, died in the Las Vegas plane crash of 1960. That incident reunited her father Robert Evans with Dunning Smith, a painter, who also lost his wife. They knew each other from college. Mila's father thought up the fictional painter Osterzone and wrote a book on him, with Dunning providing the art. The success of Osterzone's story and art got the two men noticed by the criminal organisation Nile. In 1969, Robert Evans bought Hotel Dusk in order to use it as a meeting ground for Nile, as well as a place where Dunning could secretly paint. One day, Dunning was invited to Hotel Dusk, where he met with Evans. He brought his daughter with him, Jenny, who played together with Mila. Contrary to Evans' will, Dunning refused to continue painting. As a result, a Nile agent kidnapped Jenny in order to blackmail Dunning. Mila tried to stop the man but, due to shock of her friend being taken away and being attacked, Mila lost consciousness and fell into a coma. She was brought to the Robbins Memorial Hospital. Evans regularly visited Mila in the hospital. After ten years, Mila awoke from her coma in 1979. Shortly before it happened, a man named Brian Bradley visited Mila. Bradley, a former New York detective, betrayed the police department to Nile as they took his younger sister, also named Mila, hostage and threatened to kill her. Even though he followed their instructions, he found his sister dead at the hands of Robert Evans. Near the end of Hotel Dusk: Room 215, it is implied that Bradley took revenge at a later point and shot Evans. After Bradley presumably killed Evans, he visited Mila. He gave his sister's bracelet with the name "Mila" on it to Evans' daughter. When Mila finally awoke, she was unable to speak. She waited for her father, but as he didn't come back, Mila eventually started to search for him on her own. Her only indication for Robert Evans was an old Hotel Dusk brochure that had been left by Bradley.


Hotel Dusk: Room 215Edit

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 stars ex-detective Kyle Hyde working as a salesman for the Red Crown company. Kyle was told by his boss Ed Vincent to drive to Hotel Dusk in order to receive his instructions there on December 28, 1979. In the game's opening, Kyle is seen driving past Mila while she is walking along the highway to Hotel Dusk. Some point later, the young man Jeff Angel notices Mila and picks her up, driving her to the hotel as he sees the brochure. This not seen in the cutscene. Mila arrives at the hotel shortly after Kyle does so. The hotel's maid Rosa Fox takes care of the mysterious mute girl. During the course of the game, Kyle learns more about Mila's past step by step. At one point, Mila becomes unconscious. Kyle manages to revive her, and afterwards she suddenly is able to speak again. Near the game's end, she is taken by Dunning Smith, now owner of Hotel Dusk, to the secret underground rooms that were used by Nile. There he speaks with Mila about the kidnapping of Jenny. Kyle eventually finds them, and after a longer dialogue, Dunning eventually tells the whole story about him and Robert Evans. He also reveals that he was told by Brian Bradley that Robert Evans will not return, implying he was killed. On the next morning in Rosa Fox's room, Rosa tells Mila that she will continue to take care of her along with bellhop boy Louis DeNonno. However, shortly before Kyle wants to enter his car, Mila comes out of the hotel. After a moment, Kyle allows her to go with him.

Last Window: The Secret of Cape WestEdit

In Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, Mila visits Kyle in the Cape West apartment building on December 24, 1980. She is now attending a fine arts school in Seattle and lives alone. Actually, Mila, Kyle and Rachel attempted to have a dinner together, but it can't take place because Red Crown's boss Ed Vincent had to be taken to hospital. Nonetheless she pays a short visit to him and goes on to the building's roof with Kyle. Unlike in Hotel Dusk, Mila doesn't play a central role in the plot. She appears for a short time in the game.


When Kyle was able to be with Mila, she was quite shy around him and didn't really trust Kyle. But, she eventually got used to being with Kyle and tries to communicate with him. She wrote about her father in Kyle's notebook when he asked her questions. Later on, she was able to speak and talked about her late mother. She doesn't know about her father's death and how she actually got that braclet she wears. She starts to become Kyle's friend. It is unknown happened with her and Kyle right after Hotel Dusk: Room 215.


  • Her father worked for Nile when he was alive.
  • Mila's mother died in a plane crash.
  • Her father, Robert was friends with Dunning Smith.
  • She was in a coma for ten years.
  • She became an art student in Last Window: Secret of Cape West.


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