Margaret Patrice


Sex Female
Home United States
Job Cape West Apartments Landlady
Margaret Patrice (nicknamed 'Mags') is a character that appears in the second game of the Kyle Hyde saga, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. She is the landlady of the Cape West Apartments, the building where Kyle Hyde resides. She lives in the only apartment on the first floor, situated next to Lucky's Cafe.


Patrice bought the former Hotel Cape West after her husband George died, using the money he left for her to convert the old hotel into an apartment complex. She bought the place as it was frequented very often by her late husband and herself, and it held a lot of sentimental value. Her husband used to be a saxophone player, but was also the leader of Condor, a subsidiary of the crime syndicate Nile that specialised in stolen jewellery. Hotel Cape West served as a sort of headquarters of Condor, as most trades took place in a secret chamber located in the hotel. Mags secretly hoped to buy the hotel to keep her husband's dodgy dealings a secret, and had succeeded until near the demolition of the Cape West Apartments, in which Kyle Hyde, who was looking for the Scarlet Star and the truth behind his father's death, managed to uncover the secrets Mags was hiding about her husband and Condor.


Mags is portrayed as being very ladylike and reserved, as is reflected by the decor of her apartment and her mannerisms.

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