Jessica Robbins


Jessica Robbins AC

AnotherCodeR Jessica

Artwork of Jessica in Another Code: Two Memories & Another Code: R
Age 34 (Another Code: Two Memories)
36 (Another Code: R)
Sex Female
Home United States
Job Chemistry Teacher

Jessica Robbins is Richard's younger sister and Ashley's aunt. A high-school chemistry teacher, she is Richard's only other living relative, She took in and raised Ashley as her own when Richard went to Blood Edward Island thirteen years ago and understands her better than anyone else. She is a nice and very smart person.


When Jessica meet with Bill a long time ago, she probably had feelings for him when she was around with him but, he already was in love with Sayoko. She didn't know that Bill had intended to kill Sayoko when they were together at the time. She feels guilty about not noticing anything wrong with him and thinks she should have talked with Bill. She knew Sayoko pretty well it seems. We can see this in a group photo at the lab inside the Edward's Mansion.


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