Jeff Angel


Jeff angel
Age 19
Birthdate 1960
Sex Male
Home United States
Job Student

Jeff Angel (ジェフ・エンゼル) is one of the residents in Hotel Dusk, occupying Room 213. He brings Mila to the hotel after picking her up as a hitchhiker, but loses interest in her after learning that she is mute.


Jeff Angel's true name is actually Jeff Damon. His father is a defense attorney, considered one of the best around. Jeff's father seemed to specialize in defending organized crime. Jeff overheard a conversation between his father and some men from the criminal group Nile. Jeff became disgusted by his father's dirty money and wanted to put a scare in him. He broke into his dad's safe, stole $20,000 and his gun, and hit the road. When Jeff later saw the news about the incident, he realized his father knew Jeff was the culprit and still called the police. Jeff, upset and unsure what to do, ran into Mila on the side of the road. She was holding a brochure about the hotel in her hands, so he decided to go and brought her along with him. He checked into the hotel under the name of Jeff Angel. He decided to stash the money in the toilet in Kyle Hyde's room, threw the gun in the laundry room's linen cart, and then told Dunning that someone had stolen his stuff. He was hoping Dunning would call the police, see the holes in Jeff's story and then arrest him. He wanted to embarrass his father and then reveal his mob connections.

Kyle discovered the cash in his toilet and realized something fishy was going on. He heard Jeff complaining to Dunning right after finding the money and realized that too little time had passed for Jeff to know he was robbed. Kyle also read the story of the robbery in the paper and found the gun in the laundry room. Kyle used Louie's help to get into Jeff's room, where he found a duplicate key to Room 215 and a student ID with Jeff's real name. Kyle used all these things to confront Jeff and learn the truth. When he discovered Jeff's plan to go to the press about his father, Kyle pointed out that doing so would likely get Jeff and his father killed by Nile. He told Jeff the way to get his dad to change was to change himself first.