Ashley Mizuki Robbins DAS AC

Ashley with the original DAS

Dual Another System, abbreviated to DAS, is a handheld device that was invented by Richard Robbins. It has several functions, such as the ability to take photos, receive messages from Richard's network, and store information. The system is locked to the biomentric data of Ashley Mizuki Robbins, meaning that only she is able to use it. In Two Memories, Ashley is sent the first model of the DAS, which her father invented. In A Journey into Lost Memories, Ashley is sent a newer, more slim model.

In the north American version of Two Memories, localized as in America as "Trace Memory", the system is instead called the Dual Trace System (DTS). The sequel, Journey into Lost Memories, was not released in America, and therefore only refers to the system as the DAS.

Function Edit

The DAS is made to resemble a Nintendo DS handheld system on which Two Memories was released, and is also named after it (DS stands for both "Developer's System" and "Dual Screen", and is often colloquially named the "Dual System"). The original DAS featured in Two Memories resembles the original DS, whereas the one in A Journey into Lost Memories is more slim, closer resembling the DS Lite and DSi, which were released by Nintendo between Two Memories and A Journey into Lost Memories.

Another Code: Two Memories Edit

The DAS acts as the player's menu, from which they can access several functions:

  • Saving the game
  • Looking at the items in Ashley's possession.
  • Reading messages found on SD cards.
  • Looking at photos that have been taken. While they are on an examination scene, the player is able to take photo of the screen with the DAS. They can then look at, and manipulate, this photo in the photo. This is used to solve various puzzles.
  • This unique function allows access to "Another II", and is only unlocked and utilized after a certain point in the story.

At the beginning of the game, the player is told to hold their index finger onto the circle on the touch screen, so that their "fingerprint can be scanned", to simulate Ashley unlocking the DAS.

Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories Edit

The DAS has the same purpose as the prior game, however has more of a "background" role, due to the game not being played on a DS. There are so several differences, and additions:

  • "Items" is no longer a DAS function.
  • Messages are no longer found on SD cards, but are instead sent wirelessly to the DAS.
  • "Options" allows the player to change the game's text and audio settings.
  • A character tree, that details information about known people, and their connections to each other.
  • Story summaries for what has happened so far, in each chapter.
  • This DAS's unique function is "Connect", which allows access to JC Valley security camera feeds. This is utilized through out the game after it is unlocked.

At the beginning of the game, the player is told to align "their face" (which is actually just Ashley's face) so that it can be scanned by the DAS, This is done by moving the Wii remote until the scanner is in the right place.

Artwork & Screenshots Edit

Another Code: Two MemoriesEdit

Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost MemoriesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • In Another Code: R, Mrs. Graham refers to the DAS as the "Das", after hearing Ashley talking about it. This seems to heavily imply that "DAS" is pronounced as a word, and not the letters D.A.S (akin to DS that it was based on). This would stand contrast to the American localization of Two Memories, as "DTS" can not be pronounced as a coherent word. However, it is also possible that Ashley and others refer the the system with interchanging pronunciation (akin to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and it's "SNES" abbreviation).
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