Denemon Yoshinodou


Birthdate Mid 1800's
Sex Male
Home Japan
Job Chairman of New World Cinema

Denemon Yoshinodou is the head of the Yoshinodou family. He is the first murder victim in what becomes known as the "New World Cinema murders" in 1929.

On the night of October 21, 1929, before he was due to meet his illegitimate son, Kazuya Nanase, Denemon was poisoned, his wine being mixed with potassium cyanide.


On September 1st, 1924, a huge earthquake hit Asakusa district in Tokyo. Denemon disappeared during the incident, and at some point, his face was injured. Three days later, he returned to his mansion. Giving presidency of the company to his son, Hideo, one year later, Denemon became the chairman, despite never showing up to the meetings.

In 1926, Denemon kicked all the residents out of the mansion, save for Matsunosuke Shimada, Kunio Hachiya, Kikuyo Rokujou, and his current wife, Ayako.