Daniel Edward


Artwork of D in Another Code: Two Memories
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Birthdate 1930s/1940s
Sex Male
Home United States

Daniel Edward (ダニエル・エドワード), nicknamed D (ディー), is one of the main characters in Another Code: Two Memories. He was the son of Thomas Edward and Jane (née White). Daniel died as a young boy in 1948, during a series of tragic events in the Edward family. Without any memories, he wanders in Blood Edward Island as a ghost for decades, when he finally meets Ashley, a teenage girl who is able to see him. He becomes her friend and she promises to help him remember his life, so that he can finally find his peace.


Daniel's father Thomas Edward married his childhood sweetheart, Jane White. She gave birth to a son they named Daniel. However, after Thomas came back from World War II, Jane died of an illness. Thomas raised his son on his own, who was later diagnosed with a heart condition. Daniel's father had problems paying the medical bills. He tried to become a successful writer, publishing several short stories and an autobiographical novel based on his experiences in the war, but critics were not too kind to him. He also wrote mystery novels under the name 'David Shields'. Daniel had interest in a career in cinema, as revealed when he discusses the zoetrope with Ashley.

D memory AC

D remembering how he and his father went to the Edward mansion.

In 1948, during a visit of Daniel and his father on the island of the Edward family, Thomas attempted to blackmail his brother, Henry Edward. He wanted to force Henry to accept a fake testament that implied that their grandfather, Lawrence Edward passed the entire wealth of the Edward family to Thomas. Henry's brother didn't want to believe that little was left from the family's wealth, as Henry said to him, and therefore Thomas threatened Henry with a gun. However, Henry managed to snatch away the gun and shot Thomas. Daniel saw this scene through the door and escaped. Henry noticed Daniel and ran after him. He told the boy to stop running due to his heart, but Daniel didn't follow his uncle's words. His escape took him to one of the family's caves. There he took a rest and cried, but when Henry appeared, Daniel thought he would shoot him as well, and so he continued to ran until he came to a cliff. He felt a pain in his chest, lost his balance and fell off the cliff. Henry tried to rescue him in vain. His uncle's outstretched hand was the last thing Daniel saw at the last moment of his life. He suddenly lost his memories, causing him to stay on the island as a ghost after his death.

Another Code: Two MemoriesEdit

In Another Code: Two Memories, the teenage girl, Ashley Mizuki Robbins visits the island along with her aunt, Jessica Robbins in order to meet her father, Richard Robbins in 2005. Early in the game, she encounters the ghost at the cemetery who introduces himself as D. Ashley is able to see D since she has a pure heart. D tells her about his problem and asks her to help him retrieving his memories. He states that he can only remember that someone called him D. Furthermore, he has a mark of a stylized outstretched hand on his chest, the last thing he saw as a human. Initially being frightened of D, Ashley eventually agrees to help him and both explore the mansion in order to find clues for D's life as well as Jessica and Richard. After solving various puzzles, reconstructing D's life and overcoming numerous difficulties in the mansion, Ashley finally learns who is her father Richard. A man Ashley and D previously encountered in the mansion and who claimed to be her father was actually Bill Edward, a descendant of the Edward family.

In a cave, Ashley and Richard encounter Bill, who wants to use the results of Richard's and Sayoko's researches for his own deeds. After a longer talk between Ashley, Richard and Bill, D interrupts Bill shortly before he attempts to shoot Richard. Bill can apparently see D that moment, even though he is an adult, and the shock causes Bill to fall off the cliff. After pausing for a moment, Richard tells Ashley to leave the cave while he goes back to pick up Ashley's aunt, Jessica. Under certain conditions, D will reveal to Ashley that he can now remember what happened to him before he died. It turns out that the cave is same that D ran through.

Outside, Ashley and D meet the Captain, who can surprisingly see D and doesn't seem to wonder about the existence of a ghost. Before leaving the island, Ashley has a last talk with D. If the player had not triggered all of D's required memories, he has to stay on the island. Otherwise, D gives Ashley his hand. The moment she touches his hand, the mark on his chest disappears, finally allowing D to find his peace. The two friends say goodbye and D disappears.

Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories Edit

Although he doesn't appear as a character, Daniel is mentioned by Ashley on several occasions. Ashley mentions to her father that Matt, a young boy she befriended at Lake Juliet, reminds her of her "first true friend". When her father asks her about this friend, upset that she never never told him knew about them, Ashley says that there's "a lot he doesn't know about her". She also mentions this "best friend" to Mrs. Graham, as one of the reasons she's so determined to aide Matt.

Later on, after encountering the spirit of Matt's sister, Ashley explicitly talks about Daniel to Matt, saying that she was once friends with a ghost called "D", who was looking for his lost memories. She states that D found his peace after gaining his memories (making the "good ending" of Two Memories canonical). Ashley tells Matt that she's sure the same thing has happened to his sister.


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