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Cing, Inc. (株式会社シング, Kabushiki-gaisha Shingu) is an independent Japanese video game developer founded in 1999. They are best known for the adventure games they developed, among them are the entries of the Another Code and Kyle Hyde Saga series.

The company filed for bankruptcy on March 1, 2010. Since then, there have been no news on Cing's status.


Year English title Japanese title Platform JP EU NA AU
2003 Glass Rose Garasu no Bara PlayStation 2 Check Check X X
2005 Another Code: Two Memories (NA: Trace Memory) Another Code: 2tsu no Kioku Nintendo DS Check Check Check Check
2007 Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Wish Room: Tenshi no Kioku Nintendo DS Check Check Check Check
2008 Monster Rancher DS Monster Farm DS 2: Yomigaeru! Master Breeder Densetsu Nintendo DS Check X Check X
2009 Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories Another Code: R - Kioku no Tobira Wii Check Check X X
2009 Little King's Story Ōsama Monogatari Wii Check Check Check Check
2009 Again Again: FBI Chō Shinri Sōsakan Nintendo DS Check X Check X
2010 Last Window: The Secret of Cape West Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku Nintendo DS Check Check X X
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