Captain AC
Artwork of The Captain in Another Code: Two Memories
Age 50s
Sex Male
Job Sailor
The Captain (船長 Senchō), whose proper name is not revealed, is a character in Another Code: Two Memories. He appears as an old man whose life has belonged to the sea for a long time. The Captain steers the boat that takes Ashley Mizuki Robbins and her aunt, Jessica Robbins, to Blood Edward Island. When they arrive, Ashley's father, Richard Robbins is nowhere to be found. Jessica tells Ashley to wait for her while she searches for Richard. While waiting, Ashley has a chat with the Captain. Eventually, Ashley also leaves the landing place, as Jessica doesn't return.

The Captain is not seen again until the end of the game, when he awaits Ashley, now reunited with her father, and Jessica on a bay at night. Unlike Richard and Jessica, the Captain is able to see Ashley's ghost companion D, even though he is an adult, implying that the elderly man has a pure heart. He doesn't even appear to be surprised by D's presence.

In Hotel Dusk: Room 215, the husband of the maid, Rosa Fox is heavily implied to be the Captain seen in Another Code. A photo of him in Rosa's room shows the man, naturally much younger at this point, with a similar outfit as in Another Code. He is told to be a sailor as well. Rosa states she has not seen him since many years. She and her husband have a son who lives far away from Hotel Dusk.

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