Bill Edward


Bill in Another Code: Two Memories. (screenshot)
Age 30s/40s
Birthdate 1970's
Sex Male
Home United States
Job Scientist/Criminal

Bill Edward is a character in Another Code: Two Memories. The descendant of the Edward family and scientist who worked with Ashley's parents. He is the murderer of her mother, Sayoko and let Richard continue the work on the Another project for his own deeds. He might possibly be the son of Franny, proof to this is when "D" interrupted him when he is about to shoot Richard by mentioning Franny's name (D: "Stop, You're going to make Franny cry.") and Franny is the only one whom is able to give the inheritance of the estate to him. On a New Game Plus, one of the DAS cards reveals that Bill's mother died in 1994, the same year that Sayoko died, and she refused to set foot in the 'cursed mansion'. Considering what happened to Franny's family during her short stay on the island - her cousin's death, her uncle being shot by her father, and her father's madness leading to his suicide - it makes sense that she'd be unwilling to ever return. If Franny is Bill's mother, then Bill's grandparents are Henry and Marie, the latter of whom most likely arranged the graves of Henry and Thomas as well as the monument for Daniel.

He meets his end when he fells of the ledge in the mine.